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Power system analysis

by Grainger, John J.

Edition: 1st ed. Language: English Publisher: McGraw Hill Education 2004Availability: No items available
Electric energy systems theory: an introduction

by Elgerd, Olle I.

Edition: 2nd ed. Language: English Publisher: McGraw Hill Education 1983Availability: No items available
Sonar signal processing

by Richard O. Nielsen.

Language: English Publisher: Artech House 1991Availability: No items available
Chemical applications of group theory

by F. A. Cotton.

Language: English Publisher: Wiley 2020Availability: No items available
Introduction to optimization

by Edwin K.P Chong & Stanislaw H. Zak.

Edition: 4th ed. Language: English Publisher: Wiley 2013Availability: No items available
Introduction to statistical time series

by Wayne A. Fuller.

Edition: 2nd ed. Language: English Publisher: Wiley Availability: No items available
Time series analysis

by James D. Hamilton.

Language: English Publisher: Princeton University Press 1995Availability: No items available
Time series: theory and methods

by Peter J. Brockwell & Richard A. Davis.

Language: English Publisher: Springer 2013Availability: No items available
Modern Computer Algebra

by Joachim von zur Gathen & Jurgen Gerhard.

Edition: 3rd ed. Language: English Publisher: Cambridge University Press 2013Availability: No items available
Algorithmic Algebra

by Bhubaneswar Mishra.

Language: English Publisher: Springer 1993Availability: No items available
Ideal, Varieties and Algorithms

by David A. Cox, John Little & Donal O’Shea.

Language: English Publisher: Springer 2008Availability: No items available

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